M2-Week 7-Class

Instructional Design & eAuthoring Module (Week 7)

The following is a reflection on the Tuesday morning class that took place on 6th December 2016 from 10:00 to 13:00 using Gibbs Reflective Cycle.


THIS WEEK:  Design, Learning Analytics and Evaluation

Design (Ciaran O’Leary)
Herbert Simon, 1969, The Sciences of the Artificial

Design distinguishes the professions (schools of engineering, architecture, education)

Everyone designs
Product, Service, Assemblage
Expert Non-Expert

Failed Use, Non-Use
Faithful Use, Appropriation

“If you want to create a product that satisfies a broad audience of users, logic will tell you to make it as broad in its functionality as possible to accommodate the most people.  Logic is wrong.  You have far greater success by designing for a single person.”

Alan Cooper (2007)

“Self-referential design” – making the mistake of designing for yourself.

Learning Analytics (Pat Walsh)
Year 2 Project
Research Methodology – Sequential Mixed Method Approach

Data Analysis Tools

The Retention Center (Early Warning System)

Rules based on
(a) Missed deadlines
(b) Grades
(c) Course Activity
(d) Course access

Current debate about VLEs/LMSs – Effective learning tools or data repositories – NGDLE/NGVLE must provide greater analytic and predictive tools. (Brown, Dehoney, & Millichap, 2015)

Evaluation (Damian Gordon)
The Quantity versus Quality Issue

Evaluation Tools

MERLOT – www.merlot.org
LORI – Learning Object Review Instrument

Quality of Content





Personal Action Plans