SL-Meeting 02

Supervision Meeting 02 (09/11/17)

The following are suggestions and action points minuted by me at the meeting that took place on Thursday afternoon, 9th November 2017 from 15:00 to 16:00 in Room 5041.  The meeting was attended by Caitríona Ní Shé (Supervisor), Claire McAvinia (First Examiner) and myself.

Action Points:

(1) Source literature relating to functions and patterns (pedagogy, learning theory, instructional design) before Supervision Meeting 03 (on 14/12/17).

(2) Define clearly what a domain model is before Supervision Meeting 03 (on 14/12/17).

(3) Study the Marksheet and Assessment Criteria in the Applied eLearning Project Handbook for:
(a) the Applied eLearning Project (pp. 22-24 ).
(b) Journal Paper (pp. 25-27).
(c) ePortfolio (pp. 28-30) before Supervision Meeting 03 (on 14/12/17).

(4) Decide when to send survey email to the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association (IMTA) before Supervision Meeting 03 (on 14/12/17).

(5) Decide how the WIP (Work-in-Progress) will be presented by me on 28/11/17 in Room 5037 at the LTTC.

Discussion on Interview Recordings:

(1) I had provisionally decided not to record the audio of the interviews.  My rationale was that this might scare off possible participants.  However, both Caitríona and Claire strongly advised me to record the audio of the interviews.  I have decided that I will accept their advice on this matter.  I will use a digital recording device.

(2) I was advised to create a ‘storage timeline’ for storing data emanating from the interviews.

(3) A decision needs to be made in relation to who will be transcribing the interviews.  This will obviously be either myself or a third party.

(4) A decision needs to be made in relation to whether the transcriptions will be full or partial.  There also needs to be some strategy in place regarding how much of the interview is transcribed as quotes and how much is transcribed as notes.

(5) The interviews need to be anonymised as part of the transcription process.

Discussion on Electronic Survey:

I presented version 1 of my proposed electronic survey.  Caitriona and Claire advised me to make the following changes:

(a) Begin the survey with some easy questions such as:
“What textbook do you use in class?”

(b) Don’t have two questions rolled into one question.  For example,
“Do you think that the idea of making connections between Maths concepts across different strands and within strands is a good idea?”

(c) In some cases, use a table structure (Likert Scale) and use statements rather than questions.

Submission for 19/11/17:

The plan for my submission for 19th November 2017  (as my piece of writing) is to produce a word document of about 1500 words containing:

(a) a brief description of how I plan to achieve each of the four short term actions from Supervision Meeting 01 (05/10/17).

(b) a description of what I intend to cover at the Work-in Progress (WIP) presentation on 28/11/17 in Room 5037 at the LTTC.

Next Meeting: Thursday 14th December 2017 at 3 pm.