SL-Meeting 01

Supervision Meeting 01 (05/10/17)

The following are suggestions and action points minuted by me at the meeting that took place on Thursday afternoon, 5th October 2017 from 14:45 to 16:00 in Room 5041.  The meeting was attended by Caitríona Ní Shé (Supervisor), Claire McAvinia (First Examiner) and myself.

(1) Provide a rationale for using Patterns and Functions as my domain. (Long-term action point).

(2) Provide more than one reference to justify making connections between different strands of Junior Cycle Maths.
(a) try to find examples of literature from non-Irish countries to support the making of connections
(b) try to find examples of peer-reviewed literature to support the making of connections (Long-term action point).

(3) Source literature relating to functions and patterns (pedagogy, learning theory, instructional design). (Short-term action point).

(4) Define clearly what a domain model is. (Short-term action point).

(5) Use the ePortfolio to display the final digital artefact. (Long-term action point).

(6) Develop web pages on my WordPress ePortfolio site that explains / illustrates my GALE Artefact. (Long-term action point).

(7) Study the Marksheet and Assessment Criteria in the Applied eLearning Project Handbook for: (Short-term action point).
(a) the Applied eLearning Project (pp. 22-24 ).
(b) Journal Paper (pp. 25-27).
(c) ePortfolio (pp. 28-30).

(8) Decide when to send survey email to Dublin Branch of the IMTA (via Elizabeth Oldham). (Short-term action point).

(9) The design and development of the artefact will be carried out by me. The evaluation of the artefact will be expedited with reference to third parties (survey => teachers, interviews => textbook authors, etc).
The plan is to go to the teachers, textbook authors, etc with a finished product, document the proposed modifications and / or carry out the modifications.

Next Meeting: Thursday 9th November 2017 at 3 pm.